You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression




You don’t get a second chance
to make a good first impression

For start-up biotech businesses, creating a good first impression is vital. As founders, you have a valuable product and vision of what the future will look like. The next step is to convey that to your stakeholders: investors, customers and employees.

The market is crowded, you are competing for investment. No matter how compelling your science and vision may be, you need more than this, you need a strong brand.

A brand elevates your product beyond its functional benefits, driving recognition and differentiation from your competitors. Importantly, it helps create trust and value in the minds of your stakeholders – transforming your business vision into a tangible, valuable, professional proposition.

Knowing how to communicate your proposition will be pivotal in determining your success, as the complexities of biotech are not easily understood beyond the scientific community. This matters as your investors may not have the relevant expertise or background to make informed decisions. You need to make it easy for them.

The skill is in creating simplicity from complexity – translating the science into a compelling, credible, evidence-based story. This relies upon experience and having deep scientific knowledge coupled with creatively inspired story-telling expertise.

Seven Stones leveraged both for what was then an unknown biotech start-up, specialising in developing bespoke, peptide-based vectors for gene therapy. That company is Nanogenics, which earlier this year was purchased by Scottish biotech company, Ryboquin.

For launch and progressing through their funding rounds, we created a distinctive and contemporary brand identity, which was then translated across their website and investor marketing materials. We absorbed the detail of their science and created a clear, simple and compelling story.

This was done at pace – start-ups by their very nature require agile agency partners and fast-turn around – with no compromise on quality or high production values.

We are proud to have been partners with Nanogenics and to have witnessed their trajectory from start-up to highly valued company.

What we both knew then was that there are no second chances, you only have one shot, so you have to make sure it’s your best.

If you’d like more detail on our work with Nanogenics and how we can help your start-up business, we’d love to hear from you.

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