Not a runner but, deep down, might quite like to be? Not a runner but, deep down, might quite like to be?




Not a runner but, deep down, might quite like to be?

If you are an exercise pro, you probably know all this, but here’s a little encouragement for those that aren’t.

  • Anyone can run (or cycle, or swim, or row – whatever, in fact), even if you’ve spent 50 years thinking you can’t

Just don’t be too hard on yourself.  I don’t mind having a go and not being a natural at something.  It’s just when I decide to take something up, I want to be good at it.  The thing that has only just dawned on me is that the better I get at running, the faster/further I run. Which means it never feels any easier. If you are like me…

  • It’s a good idea to keep a record

I can’t quite believe how much better you can get in a few weeks if you persevere. If I didn’t have the figures to look back on, I don’t think I’d appreciate that I’d already come a long way.  But then I do love data 🙂 Which brings me to…

  • Suunto watches are really cool (thanks for the recommendation Adam!)

Even if, like me, you are stupid and don’t press the start button the first time you use it, you can still get very helpful speed/pace info. If you know how fast you are going, you can…

  • Start slower and finish faster

Negative splits, I think, is the technical term. Which is what experts seem to recommend if you want to get faster overall times. It seems to work for me. Rather than exhausting myself at the beginning (and reinforcing my perception that I am rubbish at running), I leave some reserve and up the pace at the end. Seems that it’s good to…

  • Mix things up a bit

Check out the Running for Fitness website – you enter the time you’re hoping to achieve for a particular distance, and it suggests all sorts of training runs you can do. If go for a run that you enjoy…

  • Share it with your friends

A couple of us ran from the office up to Holland Park this afternoon. If you are into lovely surroundings and fancy some serious hill sprints, do try it. Wormwood Scrubs is a flatter, more open expanse – but beware low flying model aircraft! And finally…

  • Kit is everything

Our creative director believes that it’s best if it’s luminous yellow. And top must match shorts must match trainers. If you need any help, I’m sure he’d be happy to advise…

As our friends at DKPT would say, enjoy sweating!

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